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Lobster Not in Zabar’s Lobster Salad

Written by  Beth Vessels 11 August 2011

lobster cookedFor over 15 years the upscale upper-west side market, Zabars, has sold their Lobster salad to unaware New Yorkers and it took Doug MacCash, a vacationing reporter from New Orleans, to notice the familiar crayfish taste when he ordered one of the popular salads on a bagel. Turns out the expensive lobster salad has absolutely no lobster in it, but made with fresh water crayfish. Yesterday, in a New York Times article, Dane Somers, Executive Director of the Maine Lobster Council, said this kind of problem comes up about a dozen times a year, “sometimes it’s using lobster substitutes.”

Ever wonder what is in your favorite foods? People getting their favorite foods tested for allergens and purity claims is a growing trend that we see, because you just never know… lobster might not be in the lobster salad.

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